Orbital Technology

Your brand new shiny website is up !! Now what happens ?

Common questions businesses owners can't answer include:

  • Do you have control of your domain name ?
  • Do you have your control of your hosting and have the login details ?
  • Do you have have a back up of your website ?
  • Is your Website patched automatically ?
  • Are your Website Plugins patched automatically ?
  • Do you have a Disaster Recovery plan for the website ?
  • How long will it take to remove a hacked version and restore the correct version ?
  • Can you change the DNS ?
  • Do you know what passwords the web designer used for the MySQL connection and Admin logins ? You’d be shocked at the ones I found recently !!
  • What happens if your website gets hacked and your domain is blacklisted (that could mean very bad e-mail performance for months whilst you get your domain removed from blacklists) ?
  • Do you have a WordPress security scanner to alert you to new weaknesses ?
  • Has your web designer gone off to surf or back to his day job ?


Our IT Director as a Service is the way we look after our clients overseeing ALL aspects of their IT from a board level perspective and ensuring others are adhering to the correct standards. #proactive #Itsolutions #security #cybersecurity #webdesign #webhosting #databreach #hackers