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Hacker Spoofing - SPF Records

SPF Record
(Sender Policy Framework) What the hell is this ?


Well they are VERY important to your company if you want your e-mail to get delivered. So what does it all mean in layman’s terms ?


When you send an e-mail or more importantly when other systems you use send mail on your companies behalf e.g. services like Mailchimp, Salesforce, Hubspot etc you must give permission for them to send on your domain for it to get delivered successfully.


This is your SPF record that is checked by the receiving server. This is to stop hackers Spoofing your domain. If this does not pass the SPF check it is categorised as a hacker/spoof mail and at best put in junk or at worst not delivered at all.


We are blocking over 3,000 e-mails a DAY from companies who have not configured this 1 DNS record correctly. It takes less than 10 mins, but has a very big impact on what your customers experience.


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