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solarwinds, it could be your domain !!
Your Domain Name…..important ?
What if you had to change it ?


In the latest, VERY serious and large SolarWinds hack which affected major companies like FireEye, Microsoft and US intelligence agencies to name a few….the hackers were using a domain which had to be seized to create a “kill switch”.



What if the hackers compromised your website or your domain and used that in a malware attack and it gets seized !! Yep, major rebranding, e-mail and website loss, huge cost, which is no doubt not covered by your Disaster Recovery plan.



Let’s get the minds rolling with a few questions.



How many company Directors know:

  • Their domain registrar login details ?
  • How strong is that password ? (most are shocking – MyCatOrDogName1!)
  • Does the login have Multi-Factor Authentication activated ?
  • Who else has the login ? Web Designers ? IT staff ?
  • What security is in place for the login or is it sat in plain text in someone’s browser ? (back to my previous post of Chrome and Edge malicious plugins)


I know most won’t be able to answer those questions…..how about a security focussed, proactive IT consultancy……hopefully we never get to see the value in our work.