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Zepto Ransomware

Viruses are becoming more and more dangerous these days !!

In the old days they would just damage Windows and their programs, worst case you had to reinstall Windows, but the new breed of virus or “ransomware” encrypts all of your data and files and then deletes them !!

The criminals who created this will then ask for money to send you the encryption key. In one of the current versions, Zepto Ransomware, ½ a bitcoin which is about $300. I would not advise
this and I don’t know of anyone who has successfully paid the criminals and recovered their files.

What is the latest Zepto Ransomware ?

The Zepto Ransomware is designed to infect all versions of the Windows operating system, from Windows XP all the way to Windows 10. Ransomware Trojans like the Zepto Ransomware are especially threatening because, even if removed, the victim’s files will still be inaccessible. Essentially, the Zepto Ransomware takes the victim’s files hostage, encrypting them and demanding the payment of a ransom to decrypt them. Since the files encrypted by the Zepto Ransomware are impossible to recover without access to the decryption key, PC security analysts advise that computer users take immediate preventive measures to avoid becoming victims of this and similar ransomware Trojan attacks.

Anti-Virus may save you, but is not 100% efficient. I would suggest it is not a case of if you get an attack, but when this attack will happen to you. Once it has happened it is too late if you haven’t been proactive in your IT security and disaster recovery plans. All your data could be lost forever.


and the big question…..

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The Advantages

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