Do you know what personal information you’re sharing online? These people didn’t.

IT security in small businesses is often neglected. The number of times we have been to new customer premises and the IT installation was completed by “a friend who uses a PC and knows more than them about IT” !Most of the time we have been able to expose the network in minutes. The most common cause is default passwords on router and gateways, let alone other remote software.

Remember, bad security and not taking the proper advice can cost you a lot more in the long run. Just last week we were at a customer site with circa 100 staff and logged into their network within 10 minutes. Full access to everything. We could have deleted all the data, turned his internet on and off, phones on and off, loaded keyloggers to track passwords, even view their work remotely and CCTV !! the list was endless.

The boss had quite a shock !! Contact us for a security check of your network. We cover Surrey and London and most of Hampshire & Berkshire.

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