Orbital Technology

What happened in our IT company during a world pandemic...

2020 Covid Pandemic

  • 158 DR plans active in the same week
  • 100+ new laptops went out in 2 weeks
  • 17 times more cyber threats blocked
  • 3 times more calls
  • 4 times more e-mail
  • 3 clients moved out of offices
  • 7 clients downsized offices
  • 70 people in our clients lost their job
  • 38 new clients joined us (21 were due to a security breach due to previous sub standard work, that’s the most shocking statistic)
  • 18 weekends at work
  • 300 extra users are now supported by us


2020 we have truly tested whether we would cope in a pandemic. The reward for many nights and weekends of work was the thank you messages for making sure we had planned their IT with a pandemic situation in mind……it is the first time I can remember being thanked for nothing happening, which is the best you can get in IT….”it all still works, phew” 🙂


I am glad the world’s IT Infrastructure stood up to the test.


In summary we lost some, we gained a lot, we were in the right place at the right time with the right solutions. 21 years later we have that foresight and experience and every day I am seeking to improve our solutions and our business.


Let’s not do it again and get our lives back in 2021. Wishing you all the best !!