Orbital partners with only the top tier UK suppliers to offer the best solutions available in the IT market to our customers. The old days of expensive, unreliably and high maintenance servers are gone, and cloud services along with superb onsite IT support is proving a far more efficient solution for SME’s. Improving reliability, capabilities of your IT and saving thousands.

What is Hosted Exchange?

Hosted Exchange is a cloud-based e-mail platform designed specifically for business. It comes with a range of features to increase your staff’s productivity levels and maintain a high level of performance, such as emails, shared calendars, shared contacts, file sharing and the syncing of smart phones and other mobile devices. This enables your staff to work anywhere and on the move.

Hosted Exchange is making it more cost effective for businesses to use Microsoft’s Exchange server. Instead of hosting on-site, the solution is provided as a monthly subscription service by our partner company MessageStream. This saves both time and money and allows businesses to focus their attention elsewhere.

Giacom is one of the original six companies in Europe chosen to provide official Microsoft products to resellers and awarded Microsoft 2-Tier Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) status.

Giacom was also named as Microsoft’s “Best New Partner” at the 2015 Global Cloud Summit in Prague. The award recognises the exceptional service, growth and expertise as a leading Hosted services provider Giacom has achieved over the past 16 years, and more recently the past 12 months since becoming a 2-Tier Cloud Solutions Provider.

What is Office 365?

This is the name Microsoft use to refer to their Cloud offering linked with their Office Product suite (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Publisher, OneDrive & Skype). It often confuses customers as it can represent the monthly purchase of just the Office 2016 suite or as a package with hosted Exchange, Cloud Storage and Skype VOIP add-ons depending on the selected product line. Microsoft have various business packages, which are in the pricing matrix below, which offer various services. We are happy to explain this in detail and help you select the correct version to suit your business requirements.

Hosted vs on-site

There are multiple reasons a hosted environment is a better solution:

  • Reduced running cost – On-site Exchange has traditionally been expensive – not only is a physical server required, Windows Server, User Connection & Exchange licences are also required, plus the cost of installation and ongoing support. This can be easily £10,000-£20,000 every 5 years.
  • Reliability – The data centres have a large team of engineers 24/7 monitoring and maintaining the services. If there is a problem on your site, you have to call out an engineer and the fix could take hours or days to rectify. The data centres use clustered load balancing so when a server fails there a many more to carry on without causing an outage.
  • Spread the cost evenly – No big bill every 5 years to upgrade the server and downtime whilst this happens. Just a simple monthly billing plan.
  • Disaster Recovery – If your building burned down tomorrow, could your business continue immediately? With hosted facilities, the staff could work from home or an alternative office immediately with no disruption to service or lengthy backup recoveries. A Power cut won’t affect a Data Centre as they are stocked with backup generators with enough fuel to run for 7 days without power from the grid.

If your business has a power cut your services will still work on a laptop with a data connection or from home or another office with power. Nothing is lost and no e-mails are being rejected.