Almost every week we visit a customer where these things happen:

  • No security on the network – routers,  printers, wireless devices left on default passwords, so any hacker can walk straight in
  • No anti-virus or firewall
  • No staff usage policy – So many customers have experienced the internal attack. Data theft, unhappy employee etc. Without an user policy how can you take legal action ?
  • Important security updates and patches to software – Often these haven’t been updated for months or years, leaving the network open to Ransomware/Virus attacks
  • Still running Windows 7 ? Why wasn’t it been upgraded to Windows 10 when it was free ? Costing the company circa £150 per user. Normally just a static support company, but often excuses will be found.

These are just a few of the top issues we see on 90% of our potential new customers we go to see each week. A lot of the time we can log on to the network in under 5 minutes with all the key files being exposed.

If you want to see how vulnerable your business is to total failure, then just get in touch and we can set up a free meeting to discuss your IT performance.

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